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Dec 17 09

Under Construction

by Administrator

As if it weren’t obvious, AcceleNation is under serious construction.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but it will be back to 100% soon and better than ever.  I’m really looking forward to the technology update as a way of better serving both our writers and our readers.  However, the road will not be an extremely short one, nor will it be particularly smooth.

So please, bear with us.  It will be over before you know it and should only hurt a little bit.

Mar 31 10

Hello World

by Thomas Monk

I was just born. Can someone please tell me why this guy just slapped me?     

Baby Alt Text

Life sucks!

 (This is a test post… in case you hadn’t realized)     

This is a heading (hmm, not wysiwyg… too small)

This is a sub-heading

This is a sub-sub-heading

Here are the reasons I like bullet points:     

  • They focus attention
  • They break the monotony of paragraphs
  • I don’t need to think about the order of importance
  • I like dots

Hmm, crosses not bullets??     

Here are the reasons I like numbered lists:     

  1. The first thing is most important
  2. They order things
  3. They count things
  4. The last thing can be sarcastic

Hmm, not wysiwyg. Text dropped a line below number.     

Someone once said:     

Quotations are for wimps.     

Take a trip back to here.     

No way to enter bookmarks?       


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