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Hello World

by Thomas Monk on March 31st, 2010

I was just born. Can someone please tell me why this guy just slapped me?     

Baby Alt Text

Life sucks!

 (This is a test post… in case you hadn’t realized)     

This is a heading (hmm, not wysiwyg… too small)

This is a sub-heading

This is a sub-sub-heading

Here are the reasons I like bullet points:     

  • They focus attention
  • They break the monotony of paragraphs
  • I don’t need to think about the order of importance
  • I like dots

Hmm, crosses not bullets??     

Here are the reasons I like numbered lists:     

  1. The first thing is most important
  2. They order things
  3. They count things
  4. The last thing can be sarcastic

Hmm, not wysiwyg. Text dropped a line below number.     

Someone once said:     

Quotations are for wimps.     

Take a trip back to here.     

No way to enter bookmarks?       


 “More” tag doesn’t seem to do anything?     

Here is a Youtube clip inserted using “embedded media”:    



Can we get fullscreen option to work?     

 IMAGINE….. Never Having To Worry About Bad Breath Again!     

Above line pasted as plain text.     

Preformatted text

Paragraph text     

The moon’s a ballon. No, strike that. It’s God’s eyeball.     

I like footnotes¹     

I don’t like footnotes²     

What if I need more than three footnotes?³     

Never read the small-print²¹³¹     


¹ Because they make me look clever.
² Because they distract from my cleverness.
³ Use base-4 numbering!
²¹³¹ Always read the small-print     

Let’s try Apply Quicktime:     


You need to be in full-screen edit mode to bring up details of large inserted media.            


Page :

  1. First Page
  2. Second Page

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